Daily Nugget of Gold 1519

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” Lao Tzu

Daily Nugget of Gold 1519

Enlightenment Paths

Few people in the world ever obtain enlightenment, this is true. Whether you do or not, however, is something you can choose not to leave up to chance. Spiritual enlightenment is a wonderful thing, it seems. People who have obtained it testify that they live in a state of total bliss. Oddly enough, these people aren’t without problems any more than we are. The difference is their perception of the things the rest of us call “problems”. They don’t see them that way any more. So what’s happening here, are these folks delusional?

We’ve availed ourselves to a series of lectures on Spirituality and the brain, delivered by Todd Murphy. The interesting thing about these talks is that describes in detail what happens when an individual obtains enlightenment, as well as the various methods one can use to reach that state of being. He focuses the discussion on a few of the brain’s parts and how it is that they change when a person reaches that level of awareness.

There seems to be multiple paths one can take to become enlightened, but your author never really considered before that the state of being known as enlightenment had physical- physiological, to be exact- roots. We guess it makes sense, though. What’s also interesting is that it seems that the way we obtain enlightenment, which method we take intentionally or even unintentionally to arrive at that point, may also have something to do with our depth of Spiritual understanding and our perception of things thereafter.

One way some people become Spiritually enlightened is to have a near-death experience. That’s not likely going to be something we voluntarily engage in to reach that level of awareness, but it most certainly is something which changes some people who’ve been through it. Regularly meditating is another thing people to do to reach that point. Some folks use certain drugs which are said to bring this on as well, but we’re not recommending that one. Another method is to stress ourselves into reaching that point, and there are a great many methods which can deliver the results desired- maybe.

So what is Spiritual enlightenment, exactly? It’s a state of being, a state of knowing, which cannot be described completely in words, but in effect- it helps an individual move from the belief that we are all individual beings to a greater understanding of the connected nature we all share. It’s the snuffing out of the individual ego, as some people describe it. Is it worth it to you to become enlightened? It’s your call.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What would be the benefit of becoming Spiritually enlightened?”

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