Daily Nugget of Gold 1522

Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Daily Nugget of Gold 1522

A Pivotal Point

Everyday we are greeted with observations of other people that we see. Sometimes we observe them earning or obtaining something positive, other times we see something they do or receive which is unfortunate. Our own attitude and our individual success quite often springs forth based on our observational attitude. Perhaps we should explain that.

If we see someone receive a benefit, something positive, we could add to that observation our blessing. “Isn’t it magnificent that John got that raise!”, might be a way of adding our blessings to what we’ve observed. Some people might say instead, however, that “John must have blackmailed his boss, because he really didn’t deserve that raise”. The event, the raise, is one thing. That has little to no impact on whether we ourselves will be successful, in and of itself. The attitude we assume when we observe this event, however, has everything to do with it.

We wish to attract to ourselves those things everyone enjoys, success, good health, love, harmonious relationships, and more- but if when we observe something positive happening for someone else, we condemn it because we didn’t get that reward- if we seek to find fault with whatever their blessing is, then we are condemning the very thing we want in our own lives.

What we are in essence doing is saying, “A pay raise is bad” and our subconscious mind picks up on that and does everything it can do to avoid getting one from there on. Is that the outcome you want for yourself? Further, The Law of Attraction takes its cues from the information like this we’ve implanted deep in the subconscious level and steers us apart the things we have condemned. It’s a double-whammy.

Take time to make sure you say nothing but warm and loving things when you see someone succeed. If you observe someone failing, don’t relish in it. Put a positive spin on the person’s ability to learn a lesson from the failure and go on to new heights. Wish for them what you would wish for yourself. Give generously of your heart if you want to enjoy the same.

Question of The Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I remember to bless the blessings of others so that I will be blessed as well?”

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