Daily Nugget of Gold 1528

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. “ – George Bernard Shaw

Daily Nugget of Gold 1528

Back to The Cells

We built up Cognitive Scientist Donald Hoffman’s theory on conscious agents only to point out what it doesn’t explain very well. It’s not because we don’t think he’s on to something, but we are seeing that through his work, he is helping us to unravel the greatest mystery of all- Spirituality. Yes, we’re quite comfortable accepting his notions on how the wonderfully complex being we see in the mirror operates, how the tiny parts all come together to make up a whole, and that whole is intelligently directed with communication throughout. That makes sense.

Down at the cellular level, however, there still is no real explanation as to where the intelligence comes from which regulates the day to day business of that cell. There’s no real understanding of how the cells decide on their own function- oh, we say that’s through the genetic code embedded in the DNA, true… but are we really to believe it all came about through trial and error? Really?

We are a scientist at heart and we understand how evolution works and all. We get mutation and natural selection. Unlike some people, however, we don’t subscribe to either the theory of evolution or the concept of creationism exclusively. We see so much evidence of intelligent design in every aspect of life, particularly on a small scale, that we think there has to be something or someone directing much of it. (Life)

We’ve centered our discussion lately on biology and awareness, just to kick around Hoffman’s ideas on conscious agents. We’ve seen how well his theory works with cells and larger organisms. Now, let’s get real. Scientists have verified that matter doesn’t come into form without being acted upon by- you guessed it- a “conscious agent”. No awareness? No particles. Particles become particles when someone or something becomes aware of their position on the way, but without that? They remain a wave. A wave of what? This is the part that’s really amazing, they remain only a wave…of possibilities.

So the cells aren’t cells at all, the body isn’t a body at all, unless being acted upon by a “conscious agent”. That conscious agent might be incredibly complex, it may be unbelievably simple, we don’t know. We’re going to go one more issue with all of this just to see if we can divine Spirituality out of what we see before us. Tune in! We’ll have fun!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Am I aware that I’m aware?”

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