Daily Nugget of Gold 1529

To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge. “ – Socrates

Daily Nugget of Gold 1529

The Odds of Chance

We’re still focused on where Spirituality springs from, but let’s go back to intelligent design for a bit. It’s no secret that a watch is made up of various parts. If we had a box of those parts and shook it, would we likely end up with an assembled watch? Okay, we’re very patient. Say we shook it for a billion years, and every couple of seconds peeked at it to see if we created an assembled watch. Is it going to happen?

Wait, some people would point out that we aren’t being fair, that we’re expecting a functioning watch from maybe 50 to 100 parts, and that’s not how evolution works.. True that. Let’s start with just two that fit together, and keep adding the next until we get there. Do you think that would work? It’s a good thing we’re making a watch, because we most certainly need an awful lot of time on hands!

We were last talking about how matter doesn’t come into definite form unless acted upon by a “conscious agent”, which to us brings to mind the whole “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” argument. If matter requires a conscious agent to act upon it in order to exist, and that’s precisely what the science of quantum physics is revealing to us now, then logically doesn’t it make sense that awareness doesn’t start in matter, it must precede it?

Sure, awareness can appear to occupy matter, and it rather convincingly seems to, but by definition would it be required to? At all times? Yes, we see rocks, rivers, stones, buildings, animals, and our bodies, but scientifically these things cannot exist without a conscious agent acting upon them. We’ve observed that with Hoffman’s theory that multiple agents can come together and form a cohesive group, too, acting as one conscious entity. While we see a diversity of life and things out there, is there a possibility that at some level all of this is one Supreme Being?

We don’t have all the answers, folks, but as we look at it all, we seem to be edging closer and closer to the idea that we live in a dream in the mind of God, as it were. Yeah, that would certainly be a more simple way of putting it. Say we accept that. What if we say that this seems true? Now what shall we do?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What is my role in life?”

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