Daily Nugget of Gold 1545

My primary goal of hacking was the intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.” – Kevin Mitnick

Daily Nugget of Gold 1545

The Glitches in Video Games

Our son spends a lot of time playing video games. It could be argued that he spends even more time studying them, by watching videos about them on the internet. This world is fascinating to many of us. Some of the time he spends watching videos about games is devoted to the glitches. A glitch can be and probably, more often than not IS, an annoying defect in the programming of the game. There are some glitches that allow users to do things the designers didn’t intend- and that’s sort of like getting an extra candy bar from the vending machine.

A glitch in a video game might enable the user to have a piece of equipment that they wouldn’t otherwise have, do something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, or to be somewhere they would have normally been prohibited from being. Society has come around to accepting that life contains glitches, too. When we find a shortcut for doing something now, instead of calling it a “shortcut” or an easier way, we now call that “hacking”. Hackers found ways to get around security safeguards for dubious reasons, but also sometimes they hack something just for the fun of it, just to “play” somewhere they ordinarily wouldn’t be allowed to play.

Now we see articles about how to “hack our barbecue”, or “hack the company ladder”, or even ways we could be “hacking our relationships”. It’s as if the word has gone… (forgive us!) viral! Here’s something to consider about the phenomena of “hacking” or “glitches”- with them, there are ways to exploit hidden avenues to accomplish things we would not normally be capable of doing.

In the last five or so pieces we’ve done, we’ve been discussing the informational nature of our world and our connections with it, we’ve explored the relationship between the information and the ability to experience it- and we’re now talking about glitches in video games. We don’t think we need to hammer the point home, but we would like to remind you at this point that physicists have been struggling with, but have begun to accept, that physical matter doesn’t come into definite form without the interaction of a conscious entity. If that’s true, is it really such a huge leap to imagine that our intent might actually have the ability to alter that form?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If we had the ability to get whatever we wanted from life, what would we want?”

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