Daily Nugget of Gold 1546

Consciousness is the glory of creation.”- James Broughton

Daily Nugget of Gold 1546

3D printing

We were viewing a talk by Deepak Chopra recently which had a range of subject matter relating to what the universe was made of and the extremely tiny amount of visible matter in it as compared to things we’ve begun to call “dark energy” and “dark matter”. He got around to talking about the recent advent of 3D printing. In case you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere, a 3D printer can make 3 dimensional objects, so far- mostly plastic- by forming them layer by layer- or “printing them” in a variety of ways.

There have been processes for things like metal and certain foods as well, and the underlying technological breakthroughs and advances in terms of reducing cost have made 3D printing something which is gaining greater acceptance by companies and even individuals. So far, the technology of today is focused on forming objects from tiny streams of plastic “ink” or powders, although it’s possible to use many different materials which can be forced through tiny nozzles.

What this means is that things like chocolate shapes could be “printed” rather than molded, for example. With plastics and metals, lasers often play a role in heating or shaping as well. While these processes are revolutionary in that someone could design a 3D object on a computer assisted design program, and then have it “printed” layer by layer based on that design, the lack of limits of this technology for the future is breathtaking.

So far we’ve only been talking about “formed things” which become reality based on a design in a computer file, so someone who had a 3D printer could download that file and make whatever object their printer was capable of. “Only” as if that weren’t remarkable enough. There are more breakthroughs sure to come, and when we combine what we already know about the formation of “matter” from waves of potential possibilities in the quantum world, we can already see on the horizon a massive paradigm shift coming as we explore moving from forming things to creating them.

We’re going to continue talking about this some more next time, but until then, focus on the word “creating” and start to grasp what we’re alluding to.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If we can create something, what shall it be?”

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