Daily Nugget of Gold 1558

Reality is not always probable, or likely.” – Jorge Luis Borges

Daily Nugget of Gold 1558

The Rendering of Reality

Alright, we started by talking about quantum physics and now were back to it, and in the middle of that discussion, we discussed how seemingly random stuff can be influenced by the mind to be less random and how it doesn’t seem to matter as to whether the data was produced earlier or not. What does matter is whether we know about the details of that data.

This is exactly like the double slit experiment which has been reproduced more than any other science experiment, and later, the half-silvered mirror experiment. In both of these, when we introduce a method of ascertaining just which path a “particle” chooses to take, we have particles behaving as we would expect- like little bits of matter. If we have no way of determining which way a particle went, then we get a wave of possibilities– particles behave like waves.

We’ve even gathered the data about which way an electron or photon went beforehand, and then before we peered at the results, destroyed the data in some way, and found that whenever which path a particle takes is unknowable, we are only left with the probability it could end up smeared out over the entire range as to what was possible. This appears to point to the idea that reverse-causality is a very real thing, indeed.

Physicist Tom Campbell has a different idea, however. He claims that once data, any data, is rendered known in this “reality frame”, then and only then is it quantifiable. If we prevent data from being rendered in this reality frame we occupy, then we also prevent its absoluteness. The reason we can divide up data 100 years old and then “skew it” with out intent within the margin of error is that the data hasn’t been rendered in this reality frame that we occupy.

You may say, “Whoa! That data was around for 100 years, what do you mean that it was never rendered in this reality frame?” This is where it gets tricky. You see, the data has been there, but it wasn’t quantified in the way we were quantifying it. Once we do that, it’s locked in. What all this points to is that the only thing that can be manipulated with mind is what has not been established as being rendered as a known event. This mirrors exactly what the experiments in quantum physics has been telling us, anything which we quantified as to where it’s been comes into definite form. Anything else remains a wave of possibilities.

So as it seems, intent can nudge results, true. Our mind (We’re talking function here, not form) is a powerful thing which is seamlessly connected to our “physical matter reality” in ways we will never likely fully comprehend. All the great leaders in history have told us that, but only now are we seeing scientific evidence for it. We live in exciting times!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What do I really want and am I willing to put for the mental effort to get it?”

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