Daily Nugget of Gold 1563

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

Daily Nugget of Gold 1563

A Simple Trick

Before we begin, let’s understand something: “Simple” and “Easy” are not the same thing. If we want to weigh less than we do now, we can do so quite simply. Just eat much less. If we want to quit smoking- the answer is just as simple, don’t smoke. Neither of these things would be easy, however- no matter how simply we can put them. What we’re going to outline here is a way to get thinking into our daily routine, that is- focusing our thoughts on a specific desire. This is a method by which we can achieve that and it’s extremely simple. The reality is, however, that as George Bernard Shaw surmised, ninety-five percent of us won’t do it.

The encouraging thing here is this: Whether you fall into the 95% of the people Shaw said “would rather die than think” and those who will at least attempt it- that’s entirely up to you and no one else. Without further ado, here’s one method to accomplish this. Take a quiet time of the day, write down on the top of a piece of paper some desire you have. Now sit quietly and think of any possible solutions there are of how to get it.

As you do this, write down every idea that comes to mind no matter how strange, crazy, or unlikely they are. Sit there until you come up with a thousand. Too difficult? Yes, it would be. That’s not what we’re going to ask you to do. We’re only going to ask you to think of three ideas, and since we’ve specified that the ideas don’t need to be coherent or sane, you can move through this task fairly easily. Oh- there’s that word again- easy. As the radio commercials often ask, “so what’s the catch?” Okay, now for the simple but not entirely easy part of this- do this daily for 30 days in a row.

Why? You might ask. Because, as we discussed last time, the idea here is to quiet the mind and dwell on one particular thought. By doing so we are engaging the frontal lobe- even if for only a few minutes at a time- something arguably more palatable than to hold a thought for a very long period of time. Even though we are doing this in segments, we still enjoy the benefits that this particular part of our anatomy afford us. Still, while this is a simple plan and easier to implement, the reality remains that about 95% of us won’t even try it, let alone- do it as stated. How unfortunate. Most of us would rather memorize mountains of text than practice thinking. What about you?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How important to me is it that I get what I desire in life?”

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