Daily Nugget of Gold 1567

Two quick notes- for those people paying attention, we took most of last week off.  The second thing was that we messed up the numbering of our issues- and we skipped a number- 1565.  Since 1566 wrapped up a topic, we’ll just forget we missed that number, LOL!  Once again, we have demonstrated that we are clearly human!

The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” – Nikola Tesla

Daily Nugget of Gold 1567

Our Sanity

Are you insane? That depends. Some of us will sometimes admit to being insane once in a while, at least when we’re mad or just in jest, but we came here to talk about this thing called “sanity”. Before we get into it, there seems to be general consensus that some people are clearly insane- that they, for lack of a better description, “live in a different reality”. We find that non-judgmental phrase to be interesting. Surely, for those with mental issues, this is no laughing matter. What’s interesting to us though is that sometimes insanity to some extent is accepted as an advantage.

What do we mean by it being an advantage? We know that often a person called a genius might be “one small step away from insanity”. We are also aware that the criminally insane may be the most difficult to catch because, in part, of their intelligence.

What separates the sane from the insane? Whoa, is that a good question! It seems there is this societal consensus that certain experiences when had are a sign of insanity. Hearing voices in our head commanding us to do something is one such example. Seeing something where there is nothing might be another. Interpreting things differently than everyone else seems to is yet another example. To be sure, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had differing views on this and both filled book after book about what comprises sanity and insanity and all the various “shades of gray” in between. This series we write isn’t ever going to go in as much depth as they did.

We would like to imagine a circle in front of us, drawn in the air. Inside that circle are things most people accept as “normal” and “sane” and as we get to the outer fringes of the circle, the experiences and/or observations made about them become more bizarre and unusual. Beyond the imaginary boundary of that circle are things we clearly regard as impossible, or as pointing to mental incapacity, unfortunate, and perhaps even evil.

We want to remind our readers at this point that even something as benign as political affiliations divide the populace into factions of disagreement on who is right and who might be wrong, and often folks accuse the differing viewpoint of another as a hallmark of insanity.

We’re not going to get where we want to go in just one sitting with this, so let’s take up the topic again and see where it leads. As always, it should be fun!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Am I completely sane?”

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