Daily Nugget of Gold 1572

To construct is the essence of vision. Dispense with construction and you dispense with vision. Everything you experience by sight is your construction.” – Donald D. Hoffman

Daily Nugget of Gold 1572

Representative Brain

As physicists have come to understand that matter actually comes into existence when consciousness acts upon it, that seems weird and scary enough. Imagine if the desk we sit at, the chair we sit in, and the computer we’re using are all just figments of the imagination- that mind actually creates everything we see in our world. Now bring that even closer to home, that if matter is a useful fiction, then what of our physical bodies? If we really take the discoveries of physics seriously, then at once we can no longer insist that material objects are real, and further, that our body including the brain is real!

But wait, but wait- we can measure activity in the brain, right? The activity in the brain correlates to the thoughts taking place, or lack of them as in monitoring someone who’s “brain dead”, right? Well, in the “physical” world we live in, it sure seems that way. Let’s dig into this further.

Snap a selfie. Now load it onto your computer and use a photo altering program to change the photo in some way. Have you altered the reality of you? No, of course not. It’s just an image. Logically, we know this. We know that your Spirit doesn’t inhabit the image. There’s nothing to the picture other than a simple representation of what you looked like at that moment.

Suppose we made a virtual reality device that fooled all of our senses? Is it possible to make something like that? We know now that it is. Now, imagine that you strapped on a device that not only treated you to a 3D image of a freshly baked apple pie, you could smell it, feel it, and taste it after you heard a slice of it plop onto your plate- if all of the sensory outputs fooled your senses, would that make it real?

We’ve explored that just to get to this one point- if material objects aren’t actually made of genuinely physical material, if that’s true, how did all this come into existence, then? What would be the reason or reasons we are living in such a finely detailed representation of what seems like reality? What shall we strive to do while we’re here in this realm?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What does this all really mean?”

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