Daily Nugget of Gold 1573

I’m always without sleep. I’ve got two kids. I understand sleep deprivation on a profound level.” – Cate Blanchett

Daily Nugget of Gold 1573

Sleep Deprivation

It’s been with us since we’ve been around. Each of us experiences it as part of our daily routine. It is essential to good health, yet it remains a mystery in many ways. Of course, if you read the title, you know we are talking about sleep. We reset and refresh through it, we benefit greatly from its power, but the main way we know about how wonderful and essential it is in our lives is through trying to do without it. In no time at all does it become obvious that we need it when we skip it.

There’s been a couple of studies done on the effects of lack of sleep lately. One was concerned about what happens when someone works into the night past their normal bedtime. The outcome was that people often suffered impairment on the same level as if they drank vodka while working. Simple sleep deprivation can cause us to lose such things as hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities.

Another study found that going without sleep even for a day can greatly decrease our ability to remember important details of the tasks we’ve been called to do. Things that normally are no big deal to us when we are well rested become difficult to accomplish when we’ lost the required amount of sleep.

Sleep is a mystery, for sure- and just why the body craves it so when we go without it isn’t fully understood. It’s our nature to sleep daily, preferentially at night- but for some of us, sleeping at night isn’t an option. Society needs police, doctors, nurses, and many other professions around the clock. Night workers of any sort face an unusual array of obstacles along the path of getting enough sleep. Some of these things a person can control, but not everything. The rest of the world is open for business while night workers sleep.

What are the various impediments to a good sleep experience of a night worker? Outside noise, people making routine deliveries, telephone calls or texts, bright sunlight, and even family members who might not always understand that Mom or Dad need to sleep in order to go to work at night.

Your author is a night worker and we’re going to share our own tips on sleeping well, whether that’s at night or in the day. Join us again for that, especially if getting enough restful sleep is an issue.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to insure I get enough sleep for myself daily?”

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