Daily Nugget of Gold 1574

We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.” – Earl Nightingale

Daily Nugget of Gold 1574

Better Sleep Tips

Here are some tips on getting a better night’s sleep, if you’ve ever found yourself laying awake. We’d add “at night” but we ourselves are a day sleeper, so these tips will include some unique to folks who sleep during the day.

Use some sort of noise generation. We like a fan, but that’s also because a fan cools as well as makes some noise which drowns out other, unwanted noises. Speaking of having a fan for cooling, try not to overdue it with blankets. The body likes to cool down for sleep, one study suggested having your feet out was effective in helping to do that. Some sort of soft earplugs (often sold in the dollar store in the medication section) will help filter out noise. They take a little while to get used to them, but they do work.

Make sure your room is dark when you sleep. Whether you sleep in the day or at night, having light in your sleeping area may be holding you back from quality sleep. This is especially true of cell phones or other devices emitting blue light. Speaking of cell phones, if people are texting or calling you when you sleep, figure out some sort of strategy to eliminate that distraction. Even if the phone doesn’t wake you up, it can interfere with the quality of sleep you’re getting.

If you work at night, and can control the lighting where you work- work under bright lights. This helps “reset” your rhythm so that you sleep better during the day when you need to.

Never do something fun when you aren’t sleeping and you want to. If you get up after trying to sleep, do tasks you least like to do. Avoid video games at all costs, too. The games keep your mind engaged and active and the adrenaline flowing.

Never utter the words, “I can’t sleep”, your mind takes this as a command rather than a statement of fact. You can say, “I haven’t slept yet, but I will soon” instead.

Before you attempt to sleep, forgive- truly forgive, anyone and everyone who ever hurt you intentionally or not. Also forgive your own shortcomings. To forgive is to totally, freely, and unconditionally “let go of” any animosity you have towards others or guilt you feel. Our failure to “settle our differences” this way is one of the major roadblocks to sleep.

Find out more about using binaural beats to condition the mind to being on the correct wavelength for sleep. It takes 15 or 20 minutes to do this before laying down and you can find free help online as well as free generators of these frequencies.

Eat a sweet snack 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed. The blood sugar rises, but the insulin surge afterward can put you into a groggy funk, perfect for sleep. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, though.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I improve the quality of the sleep I get?”

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