Daily Nugget of Gold 1575

 “Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

Daily Nugget of Gold 1575

Bliss and Attraction

Many people already get the idea that happy, positive people are attractive. When we get around someone who makes us feel good about ourselves, we enjoy that immensely. The Law of Attraction isn’t about that kind of attraction, or is it? We think there may be something to that, and in that regard, we might wish to explore the connections.

If we can keep our state of mind in the arena of bliss, then the good things and circumstances we desire strongly have a greater likelihood of coming to us through the attractive forces of this law. Oddly enough, the law isn’t concerned with what we attract with it, for we can have a life of misery and woe and the law will bring into our existence more things to make us angry or sad. For us to get more grief, it seems, all we need do is to focus on the negative, keep our minds on how bad it is, and more bad stuff tends to happen.

Where we think many people run into trouble with this law is when they attempt to attract the good things while focusing on what’s wrong with their lives. Maybe what’s happening here is that a person believes they need to think “happy thoughts” even though they’re miserable. The law isn’t so much concerned about the superficial and occasional thoughts we might think which are positive- it’s really concerned about who we are deep down inside.

What we think might be required for folks to get this law going in their favor is not so much be concentrating on what they’re thinking, but rather on who they’re being. No one human being is entirely negative or absolutely positive which explains why all of us have mixed results to some extent. Clearly, a few of us are awesome at attracting what we want and need and others are pretty darned good at attracting tragedy.

It seems to us there are certain strategies we can employ to keep our focus on becoming a positive, attractive force by becoming more of a positive, attractive, blissful being. Please join us as we explore that topic a bit further. Thanks for joining us today!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What is it that brings me true, heartfelt happiness?”

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