Daily Nugget of Gold 1580

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.” – Albert Schweitzer

Daily Nugget of Gold 1580

The Inner Wonders of Gratitude

Oh, here he goes again, talking about gratitude. Guilty as charged, but really- if we want to create true and lasting change in our lives, gratitude is an unbelievably awesome tool. With gratitude we not only get to move past minor annoyances which are like weeds in our mental garden, but we can also find comfort when things go horribly wrong. Gratitude is being thankful for all we have and even grateful for what we don’t have. “But I want it all” you might say, “I want it all!!!” No you don’t. No…you DON’T. You’ll agree with us on this one in the very next paragraph.

Do you want to have heart disease, drug addiction, depression, and loneliness? These things are available as part of the “all”. We don’t see them that way, but many people accept them as part and parcel of what they need to trade in order to get what other things they desire. When’s the last time you decided to go into your kitchen and use every ingredient you have in your cupboards to make something? In our kitchen there is probably an excess of a few hundred different things we could throw together in one big mess, but it wouldn’t be tasty, would it?

Gratitude allows us to witness something that someone else is suffering with and be thankful it doesn’t affect us like it does them. Sure, we want to have empathy for them, and we can express it to them or not, but we want to part company offering our own sincere blessings on and for them whether or not we vocalize it. Having the habit of daily thinking of things we are grateful for and feeling the deep, inner warmth as we dwell on those things is transformative in and of itself.

No other emotion is so closely linked to a powerful, positive response by The Law of Attraction, than gratitude. Jimmy Kroll, a good friend since departed, was always fond of saying, “I felt sorry because I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.” We always have something to be grateful for, even the man with no feet does- if he’s wise enough to see it. Look at the incredible accomplishments of Stephen Hawking if you need help with this. Most people would just give up if they found themselves experiencing anything like his circumstances are, but here is a man who wouldn’t allow lack to infringe on his gratitude for what was still his.

With gratitude we can melt away negative mental states of mind and really and truly transform our existence into one of happiness and bliss. The application of gratitude does take work, but the wages we earn from that work are immeasurable.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What are a hundred things I am grateful for?”

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