Daily Nugget of Gold 1581

Get into the habit of imagining an alternate scenario. By posing such ‘imagine if’ questions… we can distance ourselves from the frames, cues, anchors and rhetoric that might be affecting us.” – Noreena Hertz

Daily Nugget of Gold 1581

Que Up Plan B

We’ve been talking about ways to keep our inner being on the right track so as to elicit the best response we can get through The Law of Attraction. In this session we’re going to discuss an unemotional response to negative input. We often talk about how to replace a bad emotion such as anger, frustration, or sadness with a good one like gratitude, joy, or bliss but this topic is different.

Ultimate control of our emotional states can and often does come down to measured, appropriate responses to what we experience. Have you ever seen anyone fly off the handle and cause a big scene when confronted with the smallest of disappointments? Of course, it happens frequently. Just look up “McDonald’s Lady Mcscuse Me” on YouTube if you can’t remember one… (What’s with it with some people and their fast food, anyway?)

So, what is a non-emotional response for a situation which normally is evocative of a negative emotional response? Going to plan B. It’s quickly saying to one’s self, “Oh. That didn’t work out, what else can I do?” Say you get to the grocery store and it’s packed, and you’re in a hurry. Rather than go in and get all frustrated and upset with how your time is getting wasted because 200 other people chose the same moment to shop that you did, why not run through alternative plans quickly?

Perhaps you could make something different tonight, maybe you could stop a convenience store and get the item you need. We don’t know which solution is best, but it’s good practice to have some idea what you will do if the original plan bites the dust. There’s no need to be emotional about switching plans, that’s just the normal response to unexpected problems. If there are a hundred different ways you could drive to work and the one you prefer most is blocked, are you going to sit there and simmer or are you just going to go a different way?

We’re fond of saying to ourselves when negative input surfaces-, “OK, plan b” even when we haven’t decided what plan b is, we’re immediately thrust into solution-mode and out of any illogical emotional reaction to the input we’ve gotten saying that our first plan’s a dud. The Law of Attraction is thus not going to call into our existence any new negative thing based on what just happened because there wasn’t any negative emotional state to respond to. Joy in reaching an acceptable goal will bring a positive response from the law, however! Let’s keep ourselves moving forward no matter what the input we receive is.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What is plan B?”

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