Daily Nugget of Gold 1592

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” – Michael Jordan

Daily Nugget of Gold 1582

Another Non-Emotional Response

Our last issue talked about responding to negative input by using it as a cue to go to “Plan B” and that we could indeed employ this tactic even if we didn’t yet HAVE a “Plan B”. The danger of allowing ourselves to respond emotionally to negative feedback is that we are also calling The Law of Attraction into action, and it will align with our emotional state of being. Generally speaking, most people take negative feedback from the outside world, well… negatively. We suggested using positive emotional energy as a response to negative input, responding with laughter or gratitude, for example.

Suppose we aren’t easily enabled to turn negative input into positive emotional energy? Well, the go to “Plan B” shift in mental focus might just do the trick Another idea along those lines is to see the situation as a game, and nothing more. In a game, there’s always a winner and there’s always a loser. Losing a game doesn’t mean the end of life, it just means that next time we need to get better. If someone scores a basket in a basketball game, the opposing team doesn’t sit down and suffer the loss, they get busy trying to turn it around.

We are the ones who get to decide whether we see our world as a serious matter in which every slight, every negative thing will permanently do damage; or something as simple as a game in which we intend to keep right on playing until the end. Oddly enough, wealthy people who accumulate a great deal of money often see themselves as competing in something which is nothing more than a game. Yes, they plan to win that game, but they don’t put their own (emotional) selves into it in a negative way by seeing it as a game. Perhaps that’s how they manage to keep and maintain such a great response from the Law of Attraction. We can do this too!

The interesting thing about this approach is that we can muster up team spirit and put that eternal optimism to great use in staying intimately involved in the game, but avoid the feeling of suffering crushing defeats with the healthy disconnect that we are merely playing a game. Think about it, in the great, grand Spiritual sense- that’s really all it is, anyhow.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How do I view life as a game I intend to compete in- to the best of my ability?”

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