Daily Nugget of Gold 1583

Life has no short cuts, just long routes that comprise of hurdles and hassles, turbulence and obstacles, but the journey would be fruitful and result oriented, because the journey taught you all along the way.” – Hermann J Steinherr

Daily Nugget of Gold 1583

The Learning Lab

Our focus lately has been about how to keep our emotions out of the danger zone in regards to negative input, you know, negative outcomes, events, and even people. This is important work in that it is our state of mind, our emotional state of being which The Law of Attraction responds to and brings us more of what we are, deep down inside.

What do we mean by “Deep down inside”? Our subconscious level. It’s that thing people read in your communication that when you say, “I’m fine” when the world seems to be collapsing in on you- they know it’s not the case, even though your words said so. That same inner space, deep down below our thinking selves is where the work we need to do must get done. How do we reach that, though? The only place we can work on ourselves is on the surface of our awareness, but we need to do it often and thoroughly enough that it becomes “second nature” to us. This is no small task, but the payoff is HUGE.

With that preamble, we present to you today’s technique for steering a potentially negative input away from a feeling of negatively charged emotions, and that’s by looking at life as nothing more than an incredibly complex learning lab. It would probably be quite beneficial to see it this way anyhow, for that’s really the logical conclusion many of the wise ones have made about what life is. Really, though- if we’re looking at this thing called life as a learning experience, suddenly stuff that happens to and around us take on a different meaning.

Edison looked at the 10,000 “failures” he had in inventing the light bulb differently than most people would have. He simply thought of how he discovered all those ways it wouldn’t work so that eventually he’d see the one way it would. In his mind he was in every single moment very much in the discovery process, a process which ultimately yielded the desired result without fail. Was he negative about all those “failures”? How could he be if his intent was to determine what was bad as well as good for his purposes?

So what did The Law of Attraction bring Edison? The one thing which did work because his energy remained positive throughout. It gave him exactly what he was searching for, and the search was well worth it. If he would have been negative, he would have quit long before reaching the eventual goal which made him wealth. Keep your energy positive by not taking yourself seriously as you take the task you’re committed to in a positive light by vowing to learn along the way.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I learn from this?”

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