Daily Nugget of Gold 1585

I don’t think human beings learn anything without desperation. Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything or creating anything. Period. If you ain’t desperate at some point, you ain’t interesting.” – Jim Carrey

Daily Nugget of Gold 1585

The Opportunities of Failing

We’ve been on the subject of negative situations and their evocative destructive power on many people because, quite often, people respond to negative input, well… negatively. That is to say they go into one of the negative emotional states such as anger, fear, envy, sadness- just to name a few. The problem with doing that is that we draw an “in kind” contribution from The Law of Attraction which matches our emotional state of being. We are attracting to ourselves more negative things when this happens.

What many people overlook is the opportunities created by problems. Without problems, the very best opportunities would not exist. We’re going to give you an example created by a serious problem we all seem to have faced at one time and why one such solution built it’s success on how desperate we are to have something to fill that niche. Enter into this conversation: The Chia Pet. For decades this item has sold millions of units around Christmas time. Most of us wouldn’t really consider buying one for ourselves, but out of desperation, many of us have bought one for someone else we might have forgotten about until the last minute.

Once sold mainly in convenience stores, the Chia Pet now can be found in other popular stores, as well. This item has earned it’s existence out of solving a nasty problem most of us have faced, and if it weren’t for the problem, there would be almost no chance this item doesn’t end up in the dollar store for a buck. Haven’t you suffered the mental angst of not having a gift for someone you just know is giving you one? The makers of this product have exploited the emotional blackmail we feel and they didn’t even cause that. They just observed that there might just be a chance on Christmas eve that we dart into a convenience store desperately looking for a way out of our dilemma.

The more difficult the problem, and the more widespread it is throughout humanity, the greater the opportunity. Don’t miss this instructive detail, either, the solution to our problem might on the surface seem completely absurd and implausible. This not only applies to marketing, but also in every seemingly negative situation in our own lives. So what is the appropriate response we want to have when something doesn’t go as planned? Excitement. Yes, we mean that. Wide-eyed, blissful excitement because we have the opportunity now to not only overcome our difficulty, but we also have a chance to do whatever we were trying to do better than ever before. If we’re truly happy about the chance we’ve been given to get creative, guess what The Law of Attraction response must be? You guessed it, positive. It’ll open doors for us, it will create the positive things we need to get ahead. That’s a great deal, but only if we get in on it!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to remember to get excited about my prospects when things don’t work out as planned?”

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