Daily Nugget of Gold 1633

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle

Daily Nugget of Gold 1633

Valuable Improvement Number One: Quality

In 1982, Ford Motor Company had a television advertisement with the slogan that “Quality is Job 1”, and while it seemed fairly fresh in our memory, watching it again online was still fun. Did they mean it? We don’t know and we’re really not the judge of such things. To be sure, the marketing arm of Ford was keenly interested in quality for themselves, that is- in creating effective advertising which would move more people to buy Fords. What we are about is applying this slogan to our own lives but in a more subtle way.

When talking about making small improvements daily, there a good place to start is quality. Whether you sweep floors for a living, build buildings, or provide administration over a massive enterprise, quality is something worthy of striving for. Making small improvements every day allows you to stay ahead of the competition and helps to provide a secure and rewarding future.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill pointed out that one key to success is “going the extra mile”, doing that which is above and beyond what people often think a job calls for. Hill then keenly observed that this was a relatively easy way to compete, because as he put it, most people don’t even go the first mile, so to speak- they fail to even do what is expected of them, normally. Just making sure a job is done right is better than the average effort most folks expend.

How could we go one further, making a minor improvement on doing a job right to begin with? We mean, if you are already doing a job 100% perfect, how could there be room for improvement? Wow, that seems like a tough one, but it’s not. Let’s shoot for doing the job one hundred percent perfect, but in the eyes of the customer. That’s a whole different ball of wax, isn’t it? Suddenly, the bar gets set much higher because instead of singing your own praises, the goal becomes having them do it for you.

While Ford spent millions of dollars attempting to convince its customers that they were really focused on quality, those were just commercials. It would be a much different thing to have auto enthusiasts and customers around the globe raving about how wonderfully well made Ford’s cars were. That may have been the case, also, but advertising definitely helps fill the gaps between reality and fantasy. Again, we make no judgment on how well Ford did here, what we’re attempting to sell our readers on is that making small improvements in quality daily can pay off for anyone who engages in the practice.

A great way to begin would be to ask yourself the below question daily:

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What little improvements can I make upon how I did what I did yesterday?”

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