Daily Nugget of Gold 1634

The great thing in life is efficiency. If you amount to anything in the world, your time is valuable, your energy precious. They are your success capital, and you cannot afford to heedlessly throw them away or trifle with them.” – Orison Swett Marden

Daily Nugget of Gold 1634

Efficiency Improvements

We’re on the subject of making small improvements daily, and we would be hard pressed to imagine a better thing to improve upon than our efficiency. This is not arranging your desk so that everything you usually use is in reach, or redesigning your kitchen in such a way as to avoid taking too many steps between the stove and the fridge- this is big league stuff. Just because we want to focus on big changes overall, it may not actually come down to disrupting our routines all that much.

Surely, at some point in your life you’ve switched the way you do something, and this really is all we’re talking about. After all, we all have exactly 24 hours a day to work with, don’t we? It doesn’t matter if we’re a multi-billionaire or a guy without two nickles to rub together, none of us have more time than anyone else does each day. This is where efficiency matters.

One way to build our fortune is to work to become work creators rather than work processors. We could find something to do creatively and then have others doing the work involved to bring it to market. Another thing we want to keep an eye out for would be opportunities where we could build residual income.

Yesterday, we said we wanted to work on improving quality. Think about it, if we are the best in our field, whatever field that might be, that creates an opportunity for us to teach others how it’s done. Teaching these days need not be a teacher in front of a student, or a group of students. It could be by book, audio, or visual presentations. These things have a chance of producing residual income, the kind of income stream that keeps coming even after we’ve moved on to do something else.

So forget about how far the stapler is from you, or whether or not you want your calendar on the desk, these things have tiny payoffs. Instead, put your mind capital to work on things which greatly magnify your efficiency so that when you do one thing, it will pay off again and again. Spend time daily thinking of ways you could do this.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What little changes can I make in what I do which will have the biggest payoff?”

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