Daily Nugget of Gold 1665

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

Daily Nugget of Gold 1665


So what would be better than taking in negative news? Well, it seems that the obvious answer is uplifting or empowering news. Very often things that are packaged like that turn out to be more depressing and saddening than something which ends up having us feel better about ourselves. This is where it pays to find a reliable source for what you are looking to ingest as “mind food”. The old adage of “garbage in, garbage out” applies here, we want to carefully screen what comes in.

Another approach is to design our own advertising, selling ourselves on our ability to achieve, and then read it, listen to it, or watch it often. We’ve found that listening to our major objective on a simple MP3 player set to repeat as an affirmation to be an effective “mind food” keeping us focused where we want to be. This is especially helpful while performing some other, non-verbal task such as housework or exercising.

We’ve talked about having a vision board, a place where we post what our goals are in picture form and that put it in a place we tend to look at a lot, ours is behind our computer monitor, for example.

Reading biographies and biographical accounts of people who were (or are) highly successful is another way to help grow our mind towards the sunshine of success, it only takes one tiny thing sometimes to make all the difference, but if we are constantly putting our eyes and ears in front of good works about the secrets of success, we will assuredly have something to gain from it. Imagine if you were asked to meet with an extremely wealthy person daily, and encouraged to ask anything you could think of about how they do what they do, don’t you think you’d learn something of value? You have tons of such information at your fingertips these days and yet… how much of it do most of us avail ourselves to, really?

Zig Ziglar told a story to illustrate the point about negative news, he said that if he came into your living room and dumped a can of garbage in the middle of it, would you be offended? Then he reminded us that each day people invite strangers to dump that garbage and worse into their minds through television. A funny thing is this, a TV set used properly can be an absolutely powerful tool for the betterment of our lives- but it depends upon what we select to watch, and for most of what might be empowering, that’s usually not something broadcast, but is available on DVD or streamed. So small is the market for good and empowering ideas that it isn’t usually profitable to broadcast them.

That last sentence should excite you, because in it you see how little competition there really is in deciding to set your sails for success.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to inundate myself with success thoughts?”

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