Daily Nugget of Gold 1694

I’m always watching people over a short time frame, putting them in an extreme position. Sometimes you don’t see the humanity in a person because the time frame is so short and the circumstance so extreme.” – Irvine Welsh

Daily Nugget of Gold 1694

Neutering Time

Originally we were going to title this piece, “The Tricky Business of Neutering or Negating Time”. And while there really isn’t any limits on the number of pixels we can use for a title, we have this sort-of self-imposed limitation which grows more uncomfortable for us after a few words in the title. Funny, we allowed this self-imposed limitation to stand- which is an excellent metaphor for all of us, and our limitations we place on what we believe is possible for a given amount of time.

This time we’re going to talk about how to change our logic centers or our minds based on an expanded understanding of what’s possible. The advancements made in the last 100 years in technology will help a great deal for most of us because we’ve seen it evolve to do amazing things we never believed possible, particularly in the area of computational advances. At one point we thought that many jobs reserved for humans would never be handed over to robots due to their complex and varying nature, but each year brings incredible technologies that are steadily taking on larger and more complicated tasks.

We would like to insert at this point that we aren’t here to comment on the problems that opens up with the labor force, we’re only citing it here to remind folks that things we thought impossible just a short time ago are now commonplace.

When we have a goal we wish to accomplish, we want to avoid phrasing that goal in a way that blocks the achievement before a given time. It’s a good thing to have a deadline on a goal, it’s a bad thing to only believe that goal can be accomplished in that time frame and not before- even well before- the deadline. Why would it be a good thing for us to impose limitations on something which may not be needed? Often those limitations serve to block The Law of Attraction from responding in the most efficient manner possible.

Here’s the tricky part in all of this, our written statement cannot elicit doubt in The Law of Attraction to rally on our behalf and make it happen. Our logical centers of our brains will shut down thoughts we might try to entertain on something we deem to be impossible, so the addition of some time in the form of a deadline is helpful to us in keeping it realistic, but being open to some unforeseen event or circumstance gives us plausibility in things happening sooner rather than later.

What kind of events could take place? If our goal was money related, we could inherit it. We might meet someone with the means to make that a reality, we could discover something and have someone buy the rights to it, there are literally no limits to how the money could come to us outside of the limits we ourselves place on it. More on this next time.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Have I ever tried writing down ALL the ways something important to me could possibly happen?

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