Daily Nugget of Gold 1696

The truth is, no matter what your lifestyle or occupation, nothing can really stop you when you’re allowing yourself to be exactly who you want to be.” – Hayley Williams

Daily Nugget of Gold 1696

Get Out of the Way

Why don’t kids stay up all night long? We don’t allow them to. Were you ever a kid once? Oddly enough, we can guess at what the answer to that question is. The odds are that you had a parent or parents that didn’t want you to be up all night and therefore fought the daily battle to get you to go to bed and get some rest. In other words, you weren’t allowed to stay up, it wasn’t an option.

The concept of “no” or limits is a useful thing. When we drive on the highway, there are limits as to how fast you can go, which lane you need to be in to go in a certain direction of travel, how you can behave as it relates to other cars, and so on. Society as a whole has so many laws which limit behavior in one way or another we can’t possibly know what they all are. Even lawyers have to make a study of how the various laws have been enacted and enforced in the past in order to make an argument for or against their imposition in a particular instance.

Those are limits of law, another entire category would be rules. If you work for a company, the company will have certain rules you’re expected to follow, and if you don’t follow the rules, you could be fired. Not everyone is fired, however- sometimes folks are just put on notice in some way that they screwed up. There are also limits placed on our behavior by nature. Try living in your underwear only in Alaska, or skydiving without a parachute and you’ll find out pretty quickly that certain limits apply.

Unfortunately, it’s our familiarity with the limits of things which can do us harm when we want to achieve extraordinary things. If there are no true limits on what we can do in regards to the big goals we have, we’ll create them because that’s how we’re used to living.

Oddly enough, the solution is pretty simple to all of us, we want to form the habit of allowing The Law of Attraction to respond in a positive way to what we desire. Our next segment will be on the building the habit of allowing into our subconscious mind so that we don’t trip over ourselves on the way to greatness.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What am I not allowed to do?”

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