Daily Nugget of Gold 1722

Here is a mental treatment guaranteed to cure every ill that flesh is heir to: sit for half an hour every night and mentally forgive everyone against whom you have any ill will or antipathy” – Charles Fillmore

Daily Nugget of Gold 1722

Grudge Work, Continued

Most of us know, on a logical level, that carrying a grudge can limit our chances for success, yet some of us do say, “I just can’t let that go” or “I can never forgive someone who….” As we alluded to in our last piece on this subject, carrying grudges can have The Law of Attraction work against us instead of for us, in becoming successful at whatever we’re trying to do. It is a negative feeling, and since our state of mind is ruled by feelings, that means that we ourselves are in a negative state of vibration.

We also talked about how these feelings happen at the subconscious level of our brain, not at the conscious level. What this means is that we might be aware of having these feelings, but often are clueless on what to do to change that. Many people at this point will say, “I can’t help it, that’s just who I am”, but we believe those folks are giving up way too early. We do actually have the ability to change, even deep down at the subconscious level.

Let’s go back to the gardening metaphor we brought up last time. If you are pulling a weed from a garden and fail to get it roots and all, it will be back very quickly. In fact, we haven’t solved the problem of it stealing nourishment from our desired plants, we’ve compounded the problem. The weed already has roots in place and uses them to regenerate a complete plant, and it needs more nutrition, not less, in order to do this because we destroyed what was above the ground. It uses The Law of Attraction, therefore, to get what it needs, leaving less available in the neighborhood for our desired plants. Make sense?

A grudge is formed by associative conditioning and while we can say we changed our minds on this, our words are counteracted by the roots deep in our inner being. Those roots aren’t beyond our reach, however, but we must first realize they’re there, and then make the effort it takes to expel them from both areas of our brains in order for us to live free of their influence.

Is it worth it? How bad do you want success? Are you willing to go “the extra mile” in making the changes that have the most effect? These are questions only you can answer. If we want to get The Law of Attraction working in our favor, we will need to deal with whatever puts us in a negative state of vibration and free ourselves from that. So far, we’ve only identified and clarified the extent of the problem, our next issue will focus on solutions.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If I could cleanse my inner mind of negative thoughts, would I do it?”

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