Daily Nugget of Gold 1723

You can live your life angry, bitter, mad at somebody or even guilty, not letting go of your own mistakes, but you won’t receive the good things God has in store.” – Joel Osteen

Daily Nugget of Gold 1723

Deeply Rooted Grudges Removed

As much as we like to think we are in absolute control over what we think, unless we focus a great deal of attention on the subconscious mind, we’re not. You have your conscious thoughts, but while you’re thinking them, the subconscious mind is busy doing hundreds, if not thousands, of other operations like a computer would do. Just because we aren’t aware of the goings on at the subconscious level doesn’t mean that they aren’t vital and having real impact in our lives. A good way to see this is that 90 percent of our “brain activity” is subconscious. That means we are left with the 10 percent slice of the brain’s function to do our work to change things.

We don’t have direct access to the subconscious level to do anything, by definition- we can’t. What we can do is to affect things in a conscious level which are designed to alter the programming deep in the mind. So what can we do to eliminate those harmful grudges that exist deep down beyond our conscious mind? That’s a great question.

Before we begin, we want to decide- really decide- that we don’t want to live in a negative state of vibration any more. We want to firmly commit to being in a positive state, through and through. Next, we want to fully and completely forgive. Forgiveness is the act of letting go. We aren’t saying we need to forget, we can’t. What we are saying is that we want to just imagine that we have let go, fully and completely of any of the ill feelings we had about the individual, or class of individuals, we’ve held a grudge against. This might, and probably will, include ourselves!

We want to run though the forgiveness process over and over again until will truly feel free of any negative emotions about whomever we are doing this with. This doesn’t mean we even have to tell them, it’s mainly an “inside job”. The test for if we’ve done that completely enough is that if they were to have something positive happen to them, something big that would be a blessing, would we be happy for them?

This same standard for ourselves looks like this- if we were to have something truly magnificent happen in our own lives, would we feel guilty about it? If there is any hint that we couldn’t do that, it doesn’t mean we should give up. It just means that we haven’t successfully forgiven yet. Imagine in your mind as you say, “let it go” that you are holding a rope and tugging it, bringing your bad feelings closer to you, and then at once, you decide to just let go of the rope and let it fall to the ground.

It’s important to have a visual representation to this because that’s how the subconscious “thinks”, in pictures. More on what to do next time, for now- why keep pulling those negative states of mind toward you if you could just let go, instead?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Why not line up all of the forces of nature behind my desire?”

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