Daily Nugget of Gold 1724

Life is too short for long-term grudges.” – Elon Musk

Daily Nugget of Gold 1724

Logical Nudges Support Emotional Objectives

We mentioned in one recent piece the fact that salespeople know that they need to make the sale on an emotional level more than on a logical level. That doesn’t mean they ignore logic, they’d do that at their own peril. Most of the time, what they do is centered on finding out what emotional predispositions someone would have towards wanting to own a particular thing or idea, and then carefully help that person to construct the logic as to why that makes sense for them, as individuals.

Sales folks call this “finding out what the hot-button issue is” for that individual, and once found, they are told to press that button again and again. The logic they design, in other words, needs to support the emotional need of the prospect, not the salesperson. Lousy salespeople think they can convince someone to buy using hot buttons that they themselves have. That’s where people begin to think the salesperson isn’t on their side anymore and are “pushy”. It’s an art to be able to help a person to decide to accept what they truly want, which is why there really aren’t a lot of truly great salespeople around.

We brought this scenario back up because it underscores the importance of logic. We often get this backwards, we think we logically decide and then get our emotions into the mix, but the opposite is true. Why is that? Because the subconscious mind has absolutely no logic ability. None. It only does what it does based on emotion. Now, that’s 90 percent of your mind, right? And logic has no effect on it. The conscious mind’s role in this is to validate that a particular desired emotion is the one we’d derive the most benefit from, so on the conscious level, there’s a role to play for logic.

Remember when we said we need to run through the forgiveness process over and over again until we actually can feel glad about a person we’re forgiving getting a huge blessing? Notice, with great benefit, that the acid test is what we feel. So let’s not cheat ourselves out of the blessings available to us by neglecting to give ourselves logical reasoning to support the emotional outcome we desire because we aren’t willing to do that work. All of the work we need to do is on the conscious level, none of it can be subconscious. It’s with the subconscious mind that the feelings are felt.

Besides forgiveness being used, we want to fully and completely fall in love with the positive idea or ideal we seek. It’s love that has that powerful attractive force, and love is absolutely a positive vibrational state of mind. It’s pure! Love has no room for negativity, and any that we allow to linger will simply water down our emotions and then The Law of Attraction can only bring mixed results.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What do I need to do in order to be fully in love with the good that I desire?”

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