Daily Nugget of Gold 1800

Don’t bring your need to the marketplace, bring your skill. If you don’t feel well, tell your doctor, but not the marketplace. If you need money, go to the bank, but not the marketplace.” – Jim Rohn

Daily Nugget of Gold 1800

Be Careful Who You Listen To

In today’s world there are experts, wannabee experts, and often, hoaxers- in addition to movers and shakers. The trouble is, it’s often difficult to spot the differences. One clue that someone is perpetuating a hoax is if their idea cannot seem to get by without huge sums of government money. Investors are eager to back an idea which makes sense from a marketing standpoint, but they are loath to invest in things that they cannot see sustaining approval from the marketplace.

Your author loves the idea behind having an alternate fuel such as electricity to power vehicles. We’ve also noticed that many other folks have fallen in love with the idea. There is a problem that most electric vehicle producers don’t want you to entertain, however. Those folks hope that we are blinded by our love so that we won’t notice it.

This has little to do with battery cost, which is coming down. It doesn’t have much to do with speeds, which are increasing. It has to do with weather. Gasoline powered automobiles (and other fossil fueled vehicles) have two advantages not often talked about. One is that they have an abundance of power which can be used to air condition a vehicle on a hot day, and the other one is more important- they have an excess of heat available which can be used to warm a vehicle on a cold day.

We just read another article on how future market forces would negatively impact OPEC, but even they had to cite increased competition as their major problem. What they left out of the discussion was how would electric powered vehicles deal with the two climate conditions listed above. Electrical power is currently a secondary power source, there is no way to efficiently (economically) produce and store enough of it that it can match the power, output, size, and convenience of a gasoline or diesel vehicle.

If we believe people who are all about getting government grants and government guaranteed loans to get their businesses off the ground, we will always be shelling out big bucks to folks who won’t deliver. Marketplace forces, the law of supply and demand is always going to be the very best engine of innovation we have. The evidence is all around us in all the solar and wind companies that go belly-up just as soon as government money dries up. Sustainability is necessary, market sustainability.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What idea do I have which would be marketable in a big way?”

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