Occasional Nugget of Gold 001

Occasional Nugget of Gold 001

Gentle Persistence

It strikes us that often persistence is misunderstood as a relentless push, sort of the way used car salesmen are known to act. We would like to view persistence differently, yes- relentless, yes, having a goal in mind, but how about being persistent in such a way that hearts and minds are gradually shown a more purposeful and meaningful way forward?

We can be relentless, if we choose, or we can be relentlessly positive, always keeping our focus on caring and kindness, patient and accommodating. We can be unstoppable in our pursuit of helping people get what they want, what’s truly important to them. Some people focus solely on their own goals, but we can choose to be something more than that. We can be the bridge between folks and their objectives. We can seek to serve instead of seeking to be served. We can put our efforts into helping others to feel important and loved rather than have our own ego stroked.

We are truly wealthy in that we have the gift of our ability to do these things and we will find ultimate happiness and dignity in doing for others what they cannot do for themselves. When we expand the boundaries of love we cannot help but to feather our own nests in the process, and that’s because the act of sharing what wealth we have guarantees a fresh supply from which to share.

Give someone the warm embrace of an observation of a positive trait you see in them voiced for their benefit. Increase the value of this by doing so withing earshot of them to someone else. Honey is sweet, but words uttered in this way soothe the heart.

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