Daily Nugget of Gold 2025

Daily Nugget of Gold 2025

Conscious and Unconscious Use of the Law of Attraction

In this segment, Haanel will talk about “this power” but we wanted to remind our readers that the power he’s referring to, at this juncture, called the Law of Vibration, is the same as The Law of Attraction, or The Law of Love. These terms are interchangeable. Haanel selected different terms at various times because it helps the student better understand the law’s underlying principles.

We’re on the subject of self-healing in Part Twenty Two of The Master Key System. One important part of self healing is closing the door on disease to begin with. Disease is manifested negative thinking. Remember that it’s what we’ve held onto in the past that has everything to do with what manifests in our world today. Therefore, there is an continual opportunity set before us to take control of the future conditions which will come into being through our thinking today. Haanel directed our thoughts on this with this excerpt from that part:

We are all using this power every minute. The trouble is most of us are using it unconsciously and thus producing undesirable results. The problem is to use it intelligently and produce only desirable results. This should not be difficult, because we all have had sufficient experience to know what produces pleasant vibration in the body, and we also know the causes which produce the unpleasant and disagreeable sensations.

All that is necessary is to consult our own experience. When our thought has been uplifted, progressive, constructive, courageous, noble, kind or in any other way desirable, we have set in motion vibrations which brought about certain results. When our thought has been filled with envy, hatred, jealousy, criticism or any of the other thousand and one forms of discord, certain vibrations were set in motion which brought about certain other results of a different nature, and each of these rates of vibration, if kept up, crystallized in form. In the first case the result was mental, moral and physical health, and in the second case discord, inharmony and disease.”

The thing that ordinary folk don’t get is that they are constantly creating physical conditions, many of which occur within their own bodies, through the negative or positive vibration of their thoughts. Either way, The Law of Vibration begins to underscore the nature of our thoughts through the creative process. We cannot be ruled by negative thinking and expect the manifestations to be positive, for it goes against nature’s great law.

The more well-known term for this is Karma, but Karma is nothing more than another term for the same law of nature. Karma is often observed for it’s destructive manifestations, however, and people do take note of it when it happens. We caution the students of our own work not to celebrate “bad Karma” when it seemingly exacts revenge on a person for committing acts against others. The reason we want to avoid such things is Karma has nothing to do with revenge, which is negative. It has everything to do with reproducing the vibration held by someone in physical form. Revenge is a negative emotion, and it will exact a physical or conditional price on those who hold such thoughts.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“How can I get better at recognizing negative thinking and eliminating it?”

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