Daily Nugget of Gold 2029

Daily Nugget of Gold 2029

Scientific Ignorance

We’re in Part Twenty Two of The Master Key System by Charles Haanel and what comes next is an observation by Haanel that there is an area of scientific ignorance concerning physiology. While medical studies give a nod to The Placebo Effect, very little is known about this because science has not set out on studying why or how this happens.

The scientists are fascinated with how drugs affect the body and the brain, but the placebo effect- that is, the mind’s ability to interfere with these studies- make it difficult for scientists to draw definite conclusions unless they take such pains as to make a study a “double blind” study. What that means is that neither the clinician nor the patient know whether a particular dose is really medicine or a sugar pill with no medicine contained. Obviously someone knows but at the point where the clinician dispenses the dose, no one is aware which is which.

Even in double blind studies, the placebo effect still continues to be problematic because someone knows. Why is this a problem? If that someone has any thought connection to either the clinician or the patient, the medicinal effects of the drug being studied will likely still be diluted by the placebo effect.

Prayer has been shown to have an effect, even when the person being prayed for is unaware of the prayers offered, and even when that person is a total stranger. We’re not surprised by this because of the Spiritual connection we all have. If through no other means, the Omnipresence of our Creator, being in all places and throughout time is always a possible channel.

We went forward just a little in Haanel’s work, but here’s what he said on this point: “We know how to make any physical change in the body we desire, and having secured a working knowledge of the power of mind to this extent, we have come to know that there is practically no limitation which can be placed upon our ability to place ourselves in harmony with natural law, which is omnipotent.

This influence or control over the body by mind is coming to be more and more generally understood, and many physicians are now giving the matter their earnest attention. Dr. Albert T. Shofield, who has written several important books on the subject, say, “The subject of mental therapeutics is still ignored in medical works generally. In our physiologies no references is made to the central controlling power that rules the body for its good, and the power of the mind over the body is seldom spoken of”.”

True, that was about 100 years ago and we’re acknowledging the mind’s role a little more today, but serious scientific study on the mind’s effects on physiology is still lacking. Why? There’s no money in it, to speak of, as opposed to finding and patenting a new drug. Yes, the scientists are forced to account for the placebo effect, but study how and why it happens? Not so much.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“How can the ability to create the perfect image of health benefit me?”

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