Daily Nugget of Gold 2105

Daily Nugget of Gold 2105

Necessary Foundation

When we were in our last session, we were talking about using the imagination and thinking big, but we didn’t go into the why all that much- other than to talk about how most successful employers realize that they need to do this. The average Joe or Jane out there doesn’t understand the need to do this but there’s something that happens when we take a big, constructive dream and dwell on that and since we’ve been talking about planting or farming recently, we’ll put it in these terms. We’ll use one of our favorite seeds for this, an acorn. We like acorns, not just because we grew up near a mighty oak tree that produced hundreds of thousands of them for we kids to play with, but because of the fact that all mighty oaks get their start from a tiny acorn.

Inside the little acorn is the idea of what it could become. Still, many squirrels and other animals eat tremendous amounts of them. As kids, we tossed them around like small rocks. Your author, as a boy, was hit in the eye with one, and that did not make our mother happy as we had to board a train a few times and travel to the eye doctor to insure that the eye healed. Anyhow, getting back to the idea of the mighty oak which is encoded within the acorn, the seed has no choice in the matter, that’s the only thing it knows how to do. You’re different in that you get to choose the idea you wish build or become.

While almost all acorns out there don’t become oak trees, each one of them could, under the right conditions. If they are carried, or in our case, thrown far enough from the tree, and reach fertile soil, they can begin to grow. Cut open an acorn if you wish, you will not see the tree within. The tree in the acorn is not in physical form, it is merely an idea. When you implant an idea and nurture it with a burning desire to see it take place, you are ready for the magic that happens next, whether to the acorn or you, the process is exactly the same. The Law of Attraction takes over and attracts everything needed to build the big idea.

We should note that the acorn knows not how this works, it simply depends upon the fact that it does. You can depend upon the same law working for you, and you’d be wasting your time trying to figure out how the resources you need to turn your dream into a physical reality have or will come together. We aren’t capable of seeing exactly how this law operates, but we can depend upon it, just as the acorn can. Our job through all of this is to dwell on our idea, fall in love with it, and desire it with every fiber of our being. Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich described that as a “White heat of burning desire”. As ideas pop into our mind as to what to do, gut hunches, intuitive thoughts, etc., we are to act on them.

More on this next time.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“How can I keep a clear picture in my mind and build a white-heat of burning desire for it?”

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