Daily Nugget of Gold 2225

Daily Nugget of Gold 2225


No, we’re not correcting something we said here, although we are intimately aware of our own flaws and equally aware of the chance we could be wrong at any given time. Now, we’re talking about the tool which is used when we see a need to make a change, a correction. We use this tool daily in what we do. If you drive a car, you’re constantly doing it. Every tiny turn of the wheel, each time you touch the brakes OR the accelerator, you are correcting the current state of affairs to the conditions presented and observed. If you didn’t, you’d smash into the car in front of you, go over the cliff, or get rear-ened by the car behind you.

Even if you walk everywhere you go, you constantly correct your path to avoid obstacles, or the cracks that “break your mother’s back” (who was the demented slug who came up with THAT rhyme, anyhow?”) We make them all the time, we hold our tongue when maybe what we are about to say might set someone off. The commonality of making corrections means that we can do them without getting upset. Think about it, do you get angry because you need to steer the car? If you did, that would be pointless and silly. The whole reason you have a steering wheel is to use it.

This tool is so effective because the condition you observed isn’t your enemy. It only becomes that if you make it that. No, if you need to make a correction, just make it. Let’s say that you are like one of our farmer friends who just pumped a truckload of soybeans into a bin that is holding corn. You can get angry about it if you want, but that won’t help you accomplish the rather huge job it is to remove them. Anger won’t prevent you from doing that again in the future.

When this happened in real life, the farmers wisely waiting a month to make sure they were not angry about it, then they removed the soybeans… and THEN they made the corrections they should have made in the first place-labeling the bins in a way that avoided this confusion. They were wise enough to realize that although only one of them made this mistake, the events that led up to that was actually shared by all of them, they should have had a better system of identifying and making sure of the contents of the bins before transferring any new material into them.

That it took 3 days of labor inside the bin to fix the problem, that’s not actually a negative if you view it correctly. That was a small price to pay for a mistake that could have been avoided. Some of the costly mistakes that can happen on a farm cost the farmer their life or limbs. A few days work? They got off cheap. Not so cheap they didn’t note the cost, however. So now that this happened, they made corrections. That’s one benefit of screwing up. What good would it do for the farmers to hold anger and resentment for the mistake? We all make mistakes, but we also all make corrections. The great thing about the farming videos we like is we see what they do, what they’re made of, warts and all.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What good does it do to be angry about being given the information we need to make a correction?”

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