Daily Nugget of Gold 2226

Daily Nugget of Gold 2226


We wanted to talk about another tool in the toolbox designed to keep us in a positive state of vibration when negative events come our way and this one we were going to call “education” but this word, “enlightening” maybe is a better descriptor. This is a close cousin to the tool we talked about last time in that something is revealed that we didn’t already know, our last discussion focused on the utility of that information in that it allowed us to make a correction that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. In this segment, we’re going to talk about the greater aspect of enlightening ourselves with this new information. It may not be something we need to correct or act upon, but simply we can benefit by just “knowing”.

Loving the learning process means that as we make a new discovery we celebrate our expanding knowledge, because learning is a goal of ours. Even if the event was initially thought of being of a negative nature, this is an undeniably positive outcome and one we can find joy in. Events themselves don’t have a positive or negative vibrational state, that is only determined by us as the event unfolds in our perception of it. Something that happens isn’t a “good thing” or a “bad thing” all on it’s own, it’s only an event. We assign to each event the meaning we give it. Even if we label something a “bad thing” it’s not too late to change our perception of it, but it immediately becomes more difficult than if we saw it as a “good thing” to begin with.

We’ve mentioned this several times but Adam Savage from Mythbusters celebrates the outcome of any experiment as having obtained the goal, of showing a result. The goal is to get a result, not to get the result you wanted or were expecting. Each time they tried to prove or disprove a myth, they could celebrate the outcome no matter what it was. Why can’t that be you? If enlightenment is the goal, how can you lose? Well, we’ll answer that, by not experimenting at all. If you do not seek answers, you cannot get them, for the most part. That fosters ignorance which in itself isn’t a good or a bad thing either- until we assign value to it as well.

You get to decide what you value more, ignorance- which some people call “bliss” or enlightenment, which allows you to know all- or better described, is “knowing all”. People decide for themselves which is better, and since you are reading this, you are one such person. Where would you rather be in this equation and which of these tactics would allow you to get to and stay in a positive vibrational state better? Remember that The Law of Attraction doesn’t care how you got to the vibrational state you’re in, in only responds to the one you’ve obtained. It responds in kind.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What did I just learn from what happened?”

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