Daily Nugget of Gold 2229

lDaily Nugget of Gold 2229

Vacations and Routines Interrupted

A vacation pleases something we have within us- our sense of adventure. When we break from our routine, we are also, for us, “going where no man has gone before” to use the Star Trek tag line. Okay, it’s not that dramatic, people go on vacation and to vacation destinations all the time. Still, to us, we may be doing something or going somewhere we’re totally unfamiliar with and that’s refreshing and a bit scary at the same time. We may even be one who enjoys conquering fears and our time out of our well-worn ruts might just be spent scaring the heck out of ourselves.

Think about roller coasters for a moment. For the most part, they are a very safe activity. Very, very few people suffer any kind of life-threatening event on one, yet because they are designed to make us feel like we are living right at the edge of what is safe, they are thrilling for some, and absolutely terrifying to others.

Now consider this, most (non-motor vehicle) accidents happen in the home. Why is that? It has little to do with the overall safety of the location but rather more to do with the amount of time we spend there. As we do things, even routine things, in the home, we often take safety for granted because of the familiar setting. We often will ignore common sense rules for what we are doing because we’ve done it hundreds or thousands of times without incidents. Do you know which food we believe is the most dangerous? Bagels. Yeah, people cut themselves all the time slicing them. Yet, you probably haven’t done that… recently. The odds are you’ve done it, though.

Vacations pull us away from “mundane” routines and put us into a place where we are doing many things we don’t normally do. If you go to bed in your own bed at night, the chances are great that you don’t feel compelled to check it for bedbug infestation first, right? What about the last hotel you stayed in, did you look? You likely did. If you go to the beach, your familiar with the whole, “where do I keep my wallet or purse while I’m on the beach” dilemma. This is not something you usually have to give much thought on at home, you’ve already chosen places where you keep these things when they aren’t directly in your possession, but the beach presents a whole different set of problems, because you’re not home or near home, are you?

Some people have chosen to live on the beach, maybe it’s because they wanted to overcome that entire issue, once and for all, ha ha.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“In what ways can I break day to day routines regularly?”

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