Daily Nugget of Gold 2232

Daily Nugget of Gold 2232

Habit Pathways

One thing we’ve noticed about ourselves is that every time a habitual routine is run, it immediately reinforces the routine and makes breaking from that routine more difficult. We think the very best analogy might be ruts in an unpaved driveway. Obviously, there are some conditions which lead to the creation of the ruts, such as muddy ground. Isn’t it interesting that the more slippery, muddy dirt might also be the easiest to mold and shape and then become the most confining when it dries? Somewhere in all of that is a metaphor for life.

We traverse the driveways in our life over and over again, often doing the same exact things in the same exact way to the point of thinking there’s no other way of doing something. We have so zombi-fied our brains so that we do what we do without thinking.

We, at this point, might suggest to make a habit of not making a habit, but you see? The muddy driveway awaits! It’s true that if we choose to travel over each part of the path out in such a way that we don’t create repeated patterns of deep ruts, but we will still make ruts on a rainy day. What might help is to intentionally drive across the ruts to smooth them out.

Speaking of metaphors, what was that we just said? If we observe our habits and habitual behaviors for what what they are and how they are formative, and we then consciously work to erase automated systems we will indeed enliven the brain with activity it wouldn’t otherwise have. The good news about doing this is that we burn more calories in the process. Thinking is expensive, calorie-wise. The bad news is that we will run counter to the “fuel saving” feature of our brains and that was placed in there for a reason.

It’s like the fuel saving button in a car. Do you ever turn it off? We get gas free by our method of grocery shopping, and we still have it on all the time. What is the trade-off? We reckon it must be performance. Yet, the car still seems to get around just fine.

So anyhow, that’s just a few random thoughts on the subject of habits. If they serve us well, great. If not, perhaps it’s time to look at those ruts and fix them.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What do I want to do about my admitted bad habits?”

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