Daily Nugget of Gold 2233

Daily Nugget of Gold 2233

Separation of Forgiveness

A coworker of ours was mentioning an social media story of someone who had abandoned a dog and then he asked what kind of a person does such a thing, adding that he doesn’t understand it. This got us to thinking about the observations we all have and then what we think about it. We cautioned him to avoid dwelling on the person committing evil, any evil, but rather to focus on another part of that same story which was the kind-hearted person who gently coaxed the dog from under a car where the dog sought shelter.

Then we were thinking about the concept of forgiveness which isn’t very well understood by many. We can acknowledge that abandoning a dog is not a loving act and we can even seek to apply justice to this wrong, that’s all fine. There is no benefit to us, however, in trying to figure out the depravity of people and dwelling on it… unless we can go about it in a non-judgmental way. We don’t know the circumstances that led up to this and perhaps we’d find them compelling ourselves. Maybe not.

Forgiveness, true and absolute forgiveness puts us in a better place to deal with whatever comes up. By completely and unequivocally, and might we add, unconditionally forgiving, we remove the offending act of malice, hatred, sadness, or whatever negative emotional stain it may have from our inner being and free ourselves from it’s potential power over us, our behavior, and our vibrational synchronization with All There Is.

We are now free to appreciate the act of loving kindness that followed, in all it’s glory. Glory? Yes, the triumph of love is glorious, it is God manifesting in and through us. Forgiveness puts us in that receptive state so that we can operate in perfect loving harmony with God. Without forgiveness, we pull the negativity into us and our circle of being, our inner sanctum and that evil taints our chances at Oneness with Him. The result of impure being is impure expression.

Our conversation continued with us reciting the great quote of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” and we chatted about evil not being an entity in and of itself, it is merely the absence of God’s love. This was the point of MLK, that darkness has no special qualities of its own, it is merely the absence of All There Is.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What do I need to do to purge evil from my own heart?”

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