Daily Nugget of Gold 2234

Daily Nugget of Gold 2234

Forgiveness Isn’t Difficult

Well now, nothing like positioning ourselves for a heated argument with folks, huh? No, that’s not what we’re trying to do here, but surely some will see it that way. Forgiveness isn’t difficult, if you understand it for all it is. It is quite difficult if you think of it as something it’s not. Sometimes we are given things in life we might think of as “unforgivable events or people”. There really is no such thing, but if we are to believe forgiveness cannot be granted under some circumstances then we are failing to see the flaws we harbor within.

It’s strange how we as a society seem to be aghast at someone who might take a meat cleaver to a puppy or a kitten. We might say things like, “I could never forgive someone for that”. This is probably doubly true of someone intent on torturing the poor animal first. Most people would condemn a mother who killed her kids so she could have a “reset” in her romantic life. Many might call that unforgivable, as well. Our society as a whole is quite comfortable with a woman paying another person to reach inside her and tear her baby limb from limb. Is that unforgivable?

Our point is that no matter how depraved an act is, it’s an act. We don’t need to forgive evil expressions, we want to realize that when evil exists, it’s expression is to be expected, not the other way around. We cannot hate evil out of existence. We cannot save a burning home by pouring gasoline on the flames to quench them. Hating evil does that. Evil has drawn us into its lair and we’ve become part of the problem we observed. We’ve become one with it.

We can no more hate the person torturing cute animals and killing them or the woman who hires someone to kill her baby because it was coming at a bad time in her life, than we can hate someone because they look different than we do, if we want to be one with Him. We can understand that acts are evil sometimes and that the people who commit evil acts aren’t to be hated, but loved. Loving our neighbor as ourselves is important, but we want to understand the first rule of loving one’s self, you must first forgive yourself of your flaws and vow to repent your evil ways.

Forgiveness isn’t difficult, it’s merely refusing to allow a place for evil to flourish. It’s understanding that we are as flawed as any other Spirit in the physical world we live in and since that’s the case, we don’t have a perch from which to cast judgment on any other. The act of forgiveness is the letting go we need to accomplish to free ourselves of the chains of sin.

More on this next time.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What do I think is unforgivable and why do I think that?”

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