Daily Nugget of Gold 2235

Daily Nugget of Gold 2235

I Can’t Understand It”

We’re talking about forgiveness and the power of applied love this time. The latter act will not be fulfilled without the former. Oh, we can try, but without forgiveness, any love we attempt to apply is “Tainted Love” to quote a famous song. We may not be able to “wrap our heads around” some of the evil acts people do, but there’s a huge difference between hating someone for their evil expressions and not allowing the evil acts to affect our inner state of vibrational alignment with God.

God loves the people who commit evil. He really does! Want proof? God loves you. Case closed. We once heard a preacher state, God loves YOU, but God hates your sinful ways” The Bible may have even phrased it that way, we don’t know- but a better way of putting this, a more accurate way of expressing the Real Truth is this, “God loves YOU, but has nothing to do with your sinful ways.” There is this degree of separation of God from sin, and it is not that God steps away, but rather that we’ve chosen to move away. We sin, but while God sees that, God doesn’t join us for the journey.

God is love. God is love in its purest form. What is purity? No contaminants. Distilled water doesn’t carry electricity, did you know that? Put a pinch of minerals or salt into the water and it will. Distilled water is pure water. If God were to take on a little bit, a tiny bit of evil, God would not be God, but something less. If God works on something, it’s through love, pure love. Absolute, and unconditional are qualities that differentiate it from any other form.

So, in order that we might reduce or eliminate evil, we cannot set about to place ourselves in harmony with it. If we hate, we are dwelling in the absence of love. The more “passionate” we hate, the less love we are able to incorporate within. We want to be in as near perfect harmony with love (God’s love) as we possibly can, for just a pinch of evil will manifest in imperfect results.

So, does this sound challenging? It most certainly is, but forgiveness is the “hack” you’re looking for. Once we understand that forgiveness is not about driving out evil from where it exists, but about purifying our own soul, our inner being, our temple within- then we see the importance of not communing with it. If we let it go and we don’t put any emotional energy into it anymore, in such a state, it will die through lack of nourishment, and not suck us into it’s realm.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“How do I position myself in the center of God’s love?”

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