Daily Nugget of Gold 2236

Daily Nugget of Gold 2236

The Heart Overflowing with Joy

Once you’ve had this happen, you’ll want to do it again. When we disconnect with the evil, corrupt, negative vibrational states of being and purify ourselves through that process, we can begin reaching within to find limitless amounts of joy to give those around us. We will feel the wonderfulness of it all and that feeling will be craved more than anything else. We get into a mood which is totally at ease, totally relaxed and soothes away the arrows which might be flung in our direction.

The work to accomplish all of this is in the power granted to us by the act of forgiveness. The centering of our vibrational being upon God’s love is and not that of the outside influences there are is what creates the possibility within us to have a heart overflowing with joy.

If we observe any flaw, if we see anything less that perfection carried by the Spirits around us, that’s fine as long as they are run through the filter of knowing we are imperfect as well and we all have our own set of imperfections to deal with. If we instead become judgmental or input our own passion into our observations of imperfection, then we become impure ourselves and shunt the ability to have the heart overflowing with joy. The disconnect from such a heart is real and can be pervasive if we are unwilling to do the most important work of all, purifying ourselves through forgiveness.

As we forgive ourselves, the first step of forgiveness is knowing there’s something to forgive, the self-realization of impurity. Once we forgive ourselves, then and only then is it possible to take on the mental task within to forgive others. We understand we have no right to judge, but instead are from the same place they are. We were at one moment a pure Spiritual entity, we took on impurities, and we are in the process of vanquishing them. We share the same journey as all around us although we may be in a different place at the moment.

We cannot be a party to misery, negativity, carelessness, or any of that and remain in God’s Sacred company, so letting go of those things needs to be absolute. To this we will be resolute. Then and only then does God’s wonderfulness manifest through us, using our hands, our voice, our being.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What things do I need to do within to purify myself?”

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