Are you cutting back?

My answer is an emphatic “No.” I believe we are living in incredible abundance. I am instead seeking new streams of income by finding new and better ways to serve others. There is no lack of material possessions or sources of income which can be derived to possess them, but that’s not the motivating factor in and of itself in my view.

I believe each and every one of us was born with the seed of greatness within us and we all have infinite potential- literally meaning no beginning and no end. No matter how much we accomplish, we always can accomplish more. Want an example of this? Suppose you find a way to present an idea to help someone change their attitude about what they could achieve in life, even if it takes you 3 months to convince that person. You have just made one life better. You’ve done good!

Now suppose you write a book about it and 100,000 people get the book. Now let’s suppose that only 1% of them actually follow through and improve their own lot in life based on your advice. Now you have enhanced 1000 lives with virtually the same amount of effort. Our effort is leveraged by finding more efficient methods of communicating an idea that benefits others.

Next, let’s suppose your idea is to create a movie, as Rhonda Byrne did with “The Secret”. It’s estimated that this movie has touched some 200 to 300 million lives. What if only 1 percent learn something meaningful to improve their lives? OK< here’s where my math sort of bottoms out, but I THINK that’s 200,000 to 300,000 people who you have helped and likewise, your rewards would even be greater, financially- yes. But more importantly, how you view your value as a human being and how you feel about the awesome impact you’ve made.

Now I could do the same thing using a singer as an example, singing a song. To one person, or 25,000 people, say on YouTube, or after obtaining a recording contract- millions and millions of people who get to enjoy the benefits of your work. YOU get the financial rewards and also the knowledge that the song and the talent and skill you developed by pouring your heart and soul into it benefited countless others.

Think of Edison inventing the light bulb, or the Wright brothers inventing a self propelled, not lighter than air airplane. Think of Marconi and the radio. Think of Steve Jobs.

YOU are no different in your potential than they were. YOU have infinite potential, just as they did.

They all reached more of that potential than most people, but they did not have any more of it, nor any more time than we do to do something meaningful and significant with their lives, something that impacted much of humanity. The financial rewards have not dried up for those who strive to be valuable to others. However if you believe that there is no longer any opportunity for you, your creative power begins to shut down. This is about as an insidious concept as there could ever be.

I believe that when we are faced with the evidence that millions of people not only refuse to shut down and live their lives in lack, and thus continue to benefit their fellow human beings, and find themselves compensated more than the average person who centers their focus on cutting back, we truly have no excuses other than those we create for ourselves. We have no limitations other than self-imposed concepts we accept as real.

YOU have this awesome, unlimited power and potential to serve humanity. Make it happen and get out of this self-imposed rut once and for all! I say this out of sincere love and the highest amount of respect for you and your ability. I choose to see light in times of darkness. If there is no light, let someone living without limits as Edison did come along and create it!

I LOVE YOU! Now find the most efficient way to give your heart and soul to your fellow human beings and you will never need fret about the economy again!

Copyright 2012 Kevin Littleton, all rights reserved.

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