About me, Kevin Littleton

I’ve always had a love for learning about how to be successful.  The funny thing is, I really didn’t have a clue what true success was outside of making a lots of money.  While this love affair I’ve had with learning about success lasted well over 20 years, inside I was miserable.  I knew I had something special to give, I knew a lot of the basics about what it takes to be successful, but that also meant I was well aware I was going nowhere with my life and my quest to become successful.

I was always a positive guy on the outside, I believed in being optomistic, but my frustration with it all was the driving force of my becoming an alcoholic.  I didn’t go out to drink, but I did drink at night to forget my stature and woke up typically at 3 or 4AM, still pretty much drunk, with a hangover, and with my problems back in my conscious awareness.  This was no way to live.  Fortunately for me, I never lost my wonderful, loving wife and children although I certainly let them down.

Finally, I found out how to figure out what my true purpose was and when that hunch came in rsponse to my sincere request, I acted upon it.  Immediately, the cravings for alcohol stopped.  I believe that many people suffer from the same frustratons I suffered from and I also believe my unique background of screwing up the begining of my life would allow me to reach people who are searching for answers, just as I was. 

I’ve written hundreds of pages on this subject thus far and I hope you find benefit from these heartfelt posts.  My success has everything to do with making a difference.  If I can do that, then I’m a happy guy.  Thank you for stopping by, may ALL of life’s blessings be yours, my friend!  -Kevin Littleton

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